Sword car is an action drifiting/racing game created in the Unity engine coming to Steam!

The concept is simple, what happens when you put a sword on a car?  Drift around the vibrant cartoony world, racing and fighting for survival.

Sword car gif
gameplay footage of spacepups

Space Pups: Pups in Space

Space Pups: Pups in Space is a physics action puzzle game in which the player must navigate the complexities of cosmic gravitation to deliver your dog an interplanetary bone!

Made in Unity 3D engine.

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Move More

The Move More Database is a tool created for The Movement Creative to help coaches organize their Curriculum into uneatable and shareable web content.  It also utilizes geo-location services to connect coaches with their clients.

Move more alpha course system
ShadePlay demonstration


ShadePlay is a custom ray marching audio visualizer produced in the Unity 3D engine.  The robust nature of ray marching shaders can create very interesting visuals.  I can make one for your band or music project, please contact me for a consult.

Wholesome Zombies

Wholesome Zombies is a quirky, cute game jam done for Global Game Jam 2018.  The cute visuals are underscored by the sound design and UI, one of my favorite jams that I honestly wasn’t expecting.

Find it on Itch.io below.

Wholesome zombies giff
Seeker Gif

Seeker – prototype

Seeker is a prototype top down rhythm fighting game.

Built in Unity 3D, powering the game logic is a simple step sequencer which takes in player instructions in one measure, then plays their decisions, music and enemy actions in the following measure.

Sound design

As a touring musician, I of course put a great deal of weight into sound and music.

Simple and impactful sound design breathes life into any game or app!

I of course enjoy the implementation, but you can also contact me for composition or sound effects.



Currently living and creating in Philadelphia, I’m a self made software engineer, game designer, musician and philanthropist originally from Minneapolis, MN.

I love helping other’s visions come to life and leading folks into worlds they would have never gone before.


Email — spaceMicroscope at gmail dot com

Twitter —  @spacemicroscope

Instagram — @spacemicroscope